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Need help getting an electrical current from one place to another; you need to learn how to splice wire! There are many ways to splice wire, but depending on the project, and amount of time you want to spend on it, not all ways of splicing wire are efficient!


The most common method people use to splice wire is soldering. The small metal dots on a computer board, and most wiring on home appliances, automobiles, and more means that the manufacturers have been splicing wire with solder. Soldering will splice wire by melting a soft metal splice wires. This method of splicing wire is very sturdy, but takes a skilled hand and expensive solder and soldering irons to perform. We only recommend splicing wires with solder if you have done so before, and are familiar with the task!


Another, less safe but completely inexpensive method people will splice wire by, is simply twisting the two wires together and capping or taping them off. Splicing wires like this can be relatively safely achieved by securing the whole connection with tape, but we would urge you to try a more sturdy form splicing wires. We do not recommend you splice wire like this, for risk of your connection failing and/or you receiving an electric shock!


One of the cheapest and easiest methods we like to splice wire with is by use of a “quick connect”. Splicing wires with a quick connect is exactly as fast as it’s namesake! Splice wire by simply putting two ends in the connector and snapping it shut! In our opinion there has never been more simple method of how to splice wire!


Can you learn how to splice wire? The answer for anyone looking into how to splice wire is YES! As we have mentioned, there are many different ways how to splice wire, and your choice will usually depend on your project and range of skill.


Our website is dedicated to helping you learn how to splice wire! Through detailed, step-by-step photographed instructions, you’ll learn everything you know about the easiest method of splicing wire! We hope our site helps you splice wire for all your future needs, thanks for stopping by!


STEP 1 - Tools Needed