Splicing the Wires


splicing wires using quick splice connector

After you have placed both of your wires into the appropriate ends of the quick connect, you will continue by securing them with the metal center piece. This step in how to splice wire is completed with your set of pliers. It is important when clamping the metal piece down, that you do not squeeze the pliers too hard as they could damage the Quick Connect.


wires splice inside of quick splice connector

If your Quick splice Connector looks like this, you’re almost finished splicing wires!


closed snap on a quick splice connector

The final step in learning how to splice wire using a Quick Connect simply involves snapping it shut! This will be performed by easily closing the flap and making sure you hear it snap shut.


check the quick splice connector for no loose wires

Give the wires in your connection a tug. If they remain secure after pulling with a fair amount of force, then you have succeeded in learning how to splice wire! Be sure to test your connection by ensuring that what you have spliced in is working properly!